The mental health benefits of a home improvement project

home office remodels or a freshly renovated kitchen may provide more benefits aside from making a home more stylish, less cluttered, or more energy-efficient. Today, we’re taking a look at how a renovation can benefit your mental and physical health.

A Better Mood

A home renovation can greatly improve the level of comfort in that particular area, making it easier to relax and have a better mood. Simply being in a good mood can be beneficial, as lower stress levels reduce the risk of a variety of health conditions such as high blood pressure, anxiety, and physiological imbalances.

Reduced Stress & Depression

Some types of home renovations involve the addition of new windows or changing the size and shape of the existing windows in the room. This is especially true for projects involving the living room or bedroom. Getting plenty of sunlight during the morning and having brighter rooms throughout the day can boost your body’s ability to produce vitamin D while also curbing the various symptoms of stress and depression.

A More Consistent Body Clock

9 Reasons Why DIY is Good for Your Well-Being, According to Science - Bob  Vila

Remodeling projects can also include changes like soundproofing that significantly reduce the amount of noise coming from outside. This is essential in minimizing disruptions that can affect your productivity or even your sleep cycle. Something as simple as changing to heavier, sound-dampening curtains can have a noticeable effect, let alone something as drastic as a window, wall, or ceiling upgrade.

Less Risk of Physical Injury

A dream home is a place of safety. Remodeling contractors say that a big part of the projects they work on involve changes designed to make the home a safer environment for the people living in it. Simple changes such as lever handle for reduced wrist pain and non-slip surfaces to prevent accidents can make the difference between an injury-free home and a trip to the nearest trauma center.

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9 Reasons Why DIY is Good for Your Well-Being, According to Science - Bob  Vila

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